About Us

Bob Reim

Bob Reim began his insurance career immediately out of Knox College where he graduated as a Union Carbide Scholar, majoring in Business and Physics. As a supervisor in Aetna’s Houston National Accounts department, he was responsible for accounts like Gulf & Western, Schlumberger and Hughes Tool.

He later became the COO for Rollins Burdick Hunter of Texas (AON) where he served as consultant to Oscar Meyer, United Airlines, Willamette Industries and two captive insurance companies based in the Cayman Islands. He moved to Austin in 1982 to head the insurance agency operation of a multi-state mortgage company. Since 1986 he has served as president of Robert V. Reim Company, offering risk management consulting services to public entities, non-profits and businesses.  See his résumé »

Eleanor “Ellie” Reim, RN

Until 1986, Ellie practiced nursing as a school nurse and in the hospital. Since then she managed the Personal Insurance division of Robert V. Reim Company, offering the same type of caring interest in her clients that she previously did in her professional nursing career. Today, she assists with the consulting practice, maintaining both insurance and nursing licenses.  See her résumé »